Admissions Open

Contact Us:- Dr. Bomma Rama Krishna: 7989662002, Dr. V. Swaminadham: 9346610099, Dr. A. Gopichand: 7989106066

Admissions Open

Contact Us:- Dr. Bomma Rama Krishna: 7989662002, Dr. V. Swaminadham: 9346610099, Dr. A. Gopichand: 7989106066, Dr. T. Murali Mohan: 7989215900

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Institution Vision Mission

"To produce global competent, ethical and dynamic professionals by creating Centre of Excellence in Technical Education for societal empowerment."
  • To provide quality education with knowledge and skills for rural and urban students.
  • To collaborate the industries with academia for empowering the students to meet global standards.
  • To induce highly ethical entrepreneurship in young minds with good leadership quality for the society.
  • To enhance the institution in Research and Development by human intellectual capability.
Core Values
  • Importance of Discipline: To succeed in our mission, top priority has been given to discipline. Absolutely, there is no ragging inside or even outside the campus.
  • Accountability of students The Choice Based Credit System and the outcome based education enable the students to select and learn subjects of their own interest. This makes the students accountable for what they do.
  • Academic Excellence: College strives for quality in all academic activities it pursues. It includes educational programs that lead to the acquisition of knowledge and skills to achieve information literacy, career advancement, personal enrichment, leadership and service to the community. Organization’s time management, prioritization, concentration and motivation achieve academic success in its every hue.
  • Innovation: Innovation is a part of the system to drive young minds towards development of innovative products, achieving in various Hardware & Software Hackathons, Coding Challenges and Project Contests at various levels. As technology advances in today’s market, faculty members prepare students as prospective entrepreneurs also.
  • Learning for Life: Institution provides high level of education for successful development of self-confidence and motivation. The college helps them to triumphantly handle the complexities of our society. It promotes healthy life style behaviours.
  • Integrity: It’s a code of ethical values. The college provide an educational environment to learn their values with the respect to their degree. Students exert the qualities of honesty, loyalty and dependability. It helps graduates to move up the ladder.
  • Social Responsibility: Students as educated human are encouraged to engage themselves in civic activities like helping, serving, caring, planting, teaching, adapting villages & village schools, etc.. Institution provides a platform to involve in different social activities through different forums and helps in building socially responsible future leaders. Smoking is totally prohibited in the campus and this rule is not only applicable for our students, staff and Management, it is also applicable for the visitors and our honoured guests. No single student can be found loitering outside during the class hours. No marking of any sort can be found either on the walls or on furniture. This sort of practice has become the culture of the college and we are proud of it. In the hostel rules, study hour and silence hour have been introduced which are strictly implemented. We strongly feel that such rules are essential as the students are in the adolescence period. As a result of this practice, our students have bagged many rolling shields and cups in all extra-curricular activities including Sports, N.S.S. and Photographic Club. Ours is coming as a model or ideal institution. The Management, Principal and Members of the staff strive hard for the personality development of our students. In this temple of learning, we are not only involved in teaching the subjects, but also in imparting true education to the students to mould them as good citizens of the country.