Swarnandhra Happy to announce that 87 companies visited for 2018 batch this year. Product development companies-5 Core companies- 37 Software-23 Digital marketing-2 Banks-6 Animation companies-2 Healthcare domain- 3 Kpo-1 Technical Support-5 Others- 3

Student Voice



Swarnandhra offers a positive environment from both peers and faculty. It is a great place to start courses for a career. Everywhere you look; there is someone willing to help you with your studies.

Mr. Krishna Chaitanya, III MCA




Knowledge via a good education makes a person better able to understand and care for others. I want to be a better person and live a fuller life as an educated person. That's why I am at Swarnandhra. It provides a great education at very good value.

Mr. Sriram, II MCA

Email - HOD, Department of MCA