Swarnandhra College of Engineering and Technology has adopted an unconventional teaching methodology to foster a skill-based on an outcome based education.  The objective of the institution is to enhance learning by creating and supplying the students with adequate stimulus in order to emerge them to be independent and grab the opportunity to participate in a student-centered learning.  The institution adopts the student-centric methods in the following ways.

Experiential Learning:

                 Through experiential learning, the institution provides the following opportunities to the students to attain knowledge.


                The institution provides learning environment to the students in the laboratory to acquire practical knowledge.   The faculty members encourage the students and give autonomy to discuss, revise, modify and access while doing experiments.    In order to provide better learning experience students are encouraged to do experiments using virtual labs and add on experiments.

Mini Projects:

                The faculty members encourage the students to prepare mini projects for developing their learning skills and innovative skills.


                The institution helps the students to go for internships which are helpful to get work experience.  The students utilize these internships and develop their skills and get real life industrial life experience.

Case studies:

                The faculty members encourage the students to observe case studies which are helpful to improve the skills of critical thinking in diverse fields of Management marketing and Finance.  The students of the College participate actively and acquire practical knowledge.

Participatory Learning:

                Participatory learning makes learning accessible and offers open participation and progression through different stages of achievement.  The faculty members encourage the students to participate actively.  It further establishes a healthy learning environment for the students.  The institute adopted the following methods to transform the learning environment.

Active learning:

                The students are encouraged to participate actively in activities like think pair share, in class team and Jigsaw etc.  These activities are helpful to the students to sharpen their critical thinking and problem solving activities.

Learning Management System (LMS):

                The institution adopts the LMS.  The faculty members utilize the ICT enabled teaching including E-learning resources like Canvass, Google class room which are helpful to share the material and encourage the students to participate in discussions and clarify their doubts.


                The student seminars are organized in the college on subjects and contemporary topics to enrich their learning experience and enhance their learning experience.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs):

                The students are encouraged to enroll MOOCs like NPTEL and have got the access to video lectures for effective teaching learning practice.

Problem- Based Learning:

                The faculty members conduct tutorial classes to clarify the doubts of the students.  They interact with the students in a friendly way and explain the difficult topics if required and improve their performance. Students are given problems from prescribed books and reference books as an assignment in a group.

                By following the student-centered learning methods in the College, the students are encouraged towards performance based learning which is helpful to explore their inner spirit and to reach their goals.