Program Educational Objectives:

1: To provide students with a solid foundation in fundamentals of Management Science which become the platform on which problem solving structures develop.

2: To prepare students for a logical and practical approach towards problem solving and function effectively as skilled managers who can respond to dynamic environment in a social and global context.

3: To imbibe in students, professional ethics and values and promote awareness among students towards issues of social responsibility of Business.

4: To inculcate in students the ability to gain multidisciplinary knowledge through live projects and operations workouts, so that they can remain competitive and functional in the market.

5: To develop self-learning ability in the students by inculcating the philosophy to continuously learn, update, experiment and avail opportunities so that they remain relevant and productive in whatever areas they pursue their careers.

6: To inculcate in students the qualities of leadership for taking the challenge of creating their own opportunities through entrepreneurship.

Program Outcomes:

By pursuing MBA program, the student should be able to

  1. Logically apply the principles of Management in real-life situations so that they can come up with the best possible solutions.
  2. Stand-up for himself/herself and take initiative so that they are prepared to grab the opportunities as and when they pose.
  3. Develop a holistic idea of Management issues, including specific knowledge in the area of their specialization so that they become employable.
  4. Critically examine the existing systems, listen to the team members and collaboratively develop multiple alternatives from which one can choose the best possible solution.
  5. Integrate various concepts from diverse disciplines to identify and develop business strategies.