Swarnandhra Happy to announce that 87 companies visited for 2018 batch this year. Product development companies-5 Core companies- 37 Software-23 Digital marketing-2 Banks-6 Animation companies-2 Healthcare domain- 3 Kpo-1 Technical Support-5 Others- 3

NAAC( Cycle 2)SELF STUDY REPORT || Click Here||

Placement Objective

  • To organize campus interviews for final year students with industries and business houses of repute from all over India.
  • To encourage students to participate in various events like, workshops, conferences, seminars, etc both in and outside the college.
  • To invite various corporate to the college for the conduct of workshops/seminars, etc.
  • To establish MoUs with various corporates for the all round development of the student.
  • To become a Placement Hub for the entire region
  • To secure 100% Placement Record.
  • To prepare students to face campus interviews by arranging training in Aptitude tests, group discussions, preparing for Technical and HR interviews through professional trainers and Swarnandhra alumni.
  • To promote career counseling by organising guidance lectures by senior corporate personnel and most importantly by the immediately placed senior students.