IET Present Around The World (PATW 2016) Presentation Competition 16-07-2016

Present around the World competition(1st Round) is going to be held on 16-07-2016, Organised by the department of CSE

Briefing notes for competitors:

Present around the World (PATW) is the IET’s presentation competition for students, recent graduates, apprentices and young professionals aged 18 to 30.Competitors are asked to give a presentation for 10 minutes on a subject related to engineering and technology, and to answer questions for a further five minutes.To make it even easier, it is perfectly acceptable to use your final year project presentation, a presentation from your graduate scheme or any other presentation which you already have.The event is mainly to judge presentation skills although the topic should be appropriate to the intended audience of students and young professionals.

The prizes are (the local equivalent of) £150 for the winner and £100 for the runner-up.The runner-up prize will only be awarded if there are four or more competitors (maximum of eight).The winner will also qualify for the later stages of the worldwide competition, which offer greater prize money and the opportunity to travel. Competitors should provide a brief synopsis of their presentation (100-200 words). This will be used in event material, be provided to the judges, and then submitted as part of the entry to later stages of the competition. There should be two judges who will assess the presentations then decide the ranks 0f the presentations. The presentation room most probably will have a raised platform, with a mike system provided for the speakers. A laptop and video projector will be provided as standard, and the competitors will be asked to provide a USB stick with their presentation already uploaded on, or to email their presentation in advance. During each presentation, the chair will indicate the time after eight minutes and then again after ten minutes. The speaker should then finish the presentation as quickly as possible. If necessary, the chair will interrupt the speaker and ask them to stop immediately.


For More Details/Registrations Contact

P.Ravi Kiran Assoc., Prof/CSE +91 9866108738

K.Kalyan Sagar Asst., Prof/EEE +91 9848194741