Institutional Distinctiveness

The vision of the institute focuses on the best education and research environment to create the engineers for the next generation. Our institute is the first institute having “Nanotechnology Research Centre” established by Swarnandhra College of Engineering & Technology and International Accreditation Council of Quality Education and Research throughout the state. Within short span of time, this college was awarded as the best engineering college in Andhra Pradesh for the year 2013 by INDO-Italian research centre and received excellence award by world HRD congress in academic & industry interface-2013 among various engineering colleges in the state. In 2016 selected as one of the best top 50 performing college by IBM Bluemix. Besides this continuous encouragement, the institute management provides financial support as seed money to the faculty and the students for the research activities. Especially, our college is having unique and well equipped semi-conductor clean room facility of class 10000, established in the year of 2009 alongwith advanced equipment for the fabrication and characterization techniques. Faculties from various departments actively involving on thrust areas of current research projects include thin film deposition, synthesis of nanomaterials (nanoparticles, nanotubes, nanowire, DSSCs etc.). Some of the research themes are significant as per the funding agency, but in addition major research areas on the basis of contemporary research and emerged in recent periods. Our institute goal is to involve the entire faculties on research projects and motivate for further research career by the way of PhD’s on various projects. All these activities are monitor by the strong research advisory committee.  

Our institute provides a platform to develop the researcher’s ideas in their research projects. The research students participate in the workshop/conference and the best ideas are rewarded. Consequently, this institute providing good infrastructure, equipments, seminars, workshops to meet the needs of research work. Nanotechnology research centrecrucially worksongeneratingtheexcitementintheyoungengineeringbrainstoproduceinnovative research work. The institute’s determination to be transformed into a centre for major research is therefore a commitment to offer high quality research through:

  • Synergies between Research & EducationActivities
  • Research Based Learning &Teaching

This institute has focusing the following vision, mission and working methodology for the research community to assure the standard performance through value-adding education and interdisciplinary research paying ways to sustainable research development.


  1. Successful training & Development of technological infrastructure for nanotechnology
  2. Access to Nano-lab facilities

ü  Increased number of educated/trained people in the field.

ü  Efficient and optimal uses of facility broaden the knowledge base platform.

ü  Transmitting interdisciplinary Knowledge for next generation devices.

ü  Facilitates long testing scientific collaboration.

ü  Boost the geographical mobility of researchers


  1. A premier, shared research facility
  2. Enabling quality research
  3. Wide ranging, multidisciplinary innovative with commercial and societal impact
  4. Supporting education and outreach
  5. Summer internship and visiting researchers program
  6. Serving the industry

Work Methodology

  1. Literature review
  2. Problem Definition
  3. Problem Formulation
  4. Design and Simulation
  5. Data Interpretation
  6. Fabrication and Characterization