Swarnandhra Happy to announce that 87 companies visited for 2018 batch this year. Product development companies-5 Core companies- 37 Software-23 Digital marketing-2 Banks-6 Animation companies-2 Healthcare domain- 3 Kpo-1 Technical Support-5 Others- 3

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B.Tech Examination Timetables Oct/Nov 2017

B. Tech I Semester Supplementary Time Table_Nov2017-R14 click here

B. Tech II Semester Supplementary  Time Table_Nov2017-R14 click here

B. Tech II Semester Supplementary Time Table_Nov2017-R16 click here

B. Tech III Semester Supplementary Time Table_OctNov2017-R14 click here

B. Tech III Semester Regular Time Table_OctNov2017-R16 click here

B. Tech IV Semester Supplementary Time Table_Nov2017-R14 click here

B. Tech V Semester Regular & SupplementaryTime Table_OctNov2017-R14 click here

B. Tech VI Semester Supplementary Time Table_Nov2017-R14click here

B. Tech VII Semester Regular Time Table_octNov2017-R14 click here

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