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Nanotechnology is an emerging technology which has seen dramatic progress in fabricating & testing new devices, creating innovative applications & proposing novel technologies. Progresses of R&D in these areas depend on strong integration of multi-disciplinary areas which includes physical science and engineering sciences.
Nanotechnology is the broad and interdisciplinary area of research and development which has been growing rapidly worldwide. Such technology represents the beginning of a revolutionary new age in our ability to manipulate materials for the good of humanity.
Nanotechnology has come into existence after the establishment of research Laboratory 'clean room facility of class 10,000' with top class fume hood and chemical bench with fabrication equipments under the supervision of Dr. R. S. Dubey.
From academic year 2011,  Nanotechnology started post graduate programme in M.Tech. Nanotechnology with advanced teaching learning process mainly emphasizing on the concepts that can be applied to all fields of science & technology. Students from different engineering disciplines and masters of sciences are eligible to pursue the M. Tech. degree in nanotechnology admitted through a common entrance test. A well-equipped Nanomaterials laboratory with the state-of-the-art facilities to synthesize and characterize nanomaterials gives the students hands on experience in performing the various safe and systematic protocols.
This Research Projects coordinated by Dr. R. S. Dubey (Research Co-ordinator of Swarnadnhra College) who is active researcher and playing a dynamic role to bring the research funds in various disciplines. He is a reviewer of reputed journals like Elsevier, Springer, Journal of Modern Optics and Brill Publication journal.
This department  has organized two International conferences with grand success within last two years which was supported by DRDO, DST, DAE, CSIR, DIT & AICTE. The details are as
International conference on MEMS and OPTOELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGIES (ICMOT – 2010) during Jan. 22- 23, 2010.
International conference on "NANOSCIENCE, ENGINEERING AND ADVANCED COMPUTING (ICNEAC-2011)" during 8th-10th July 2011.
Proceedings of both conferences were published with ISBN.
Under ECE department, we have ongoing government funded projects and submitted other projects with the cost of Rs. 1 crore
This department has collaborated with few labs to work together in the era of nanotechnology.

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