Swarnandhra Happy to announce that 87 companies visited for 2018 batch this year. Product development companies-5 Core companies- 37 Software-23 Digital marketing-2 Banks-6 Animation companies-2 Healthcare domain- 3 Kpo-1 Technical Support-5 Others- 3

NAAC( Cycle 2)SELF STUDY REPORT || Click Here||

  • The college academic committee has the power to supervise and control the residence and discipline of the students in the college. Misconduct in University examination if any will be brought to the notice of controller of examinations through principal.
  • The Principal/Secretary & Correspondent of the college are the custodians for the maintenance of discipline of the students in the college.
  • The Principal/Secretary & Correspondent may frame from time to time disciplinary rules of a permanent of temporary nature regulating conduct with in and outside the college or hostel. The rules are to be observed by each student of the college.
  • Any breach of Disciplinary rules will be viewed seriously and punishment is imposed.
  • In the case of serious indiscipline by students the principal will inform the parents or guardians, the nature of the acts of indiscipline committed by such students, before taking disciplinary action.
  • The Principal shall place him self in communication when ever necessary with parents or the guardians of the students who lag behind in studies and do not show improvement are whose attendance is irregular and conduct dissatisfactory. The names of the students found incorrigible even after the warnings may be removed form the rolls after imitation to the parents are guardians. The order of the Principal on this matter shall be final.