Swarnandhra Happy to announce that 87 companies visited for 2018 batch this year. Product development companies-5 Core companies- 37 Software-23 Digital marketing-2 Banks-6 Animation companies-2 Healthcare domain- 3 Kpo-1 Technical Support-5 Others- 3

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Department of Master of Computer Applications aims to prepare well groomed & technically proficient computer professionals to meet the industrial and professional demands of the global world.


  1. To equip our students with good knowledge, skills and attitude by offering latest tools and technology in the domain of computer applications.
  2. To establish industry-academia interaction in order to facilitate the students to work proficiently in the industrial environment.

To bridge the wide chasm between Computer theory and applications, Swarnandhra College of Engineering and Technology started MCA program in the year 2004 with an intake of 60 students. The College obtained UGC-Autonomous status in the year 2014 and is running the MCA program successfully by meeting all the professional requirements of the students. The department is headed by Mr A N L Kumar with 9 faculty members and all are well qualified, dedicated and efficient at imparting knowledge to the students.

The MCA course is designed to develop high quality software which utilizes networking and multiple technologies. The regular curriculum is supplemented by additional inputs to keep abreast of the changing scenario in the IT industry. Apart from the curriculum workshops are conducted periodically from experts of the industry as well as academia. Students of MCA are being consistently encouraged to perform self-learning related activities through mini project works and student seminars. In response to the ever-changing needs of the IT industry, students of MCA are trained in soft skills at various levels.

The MCA Department has well-equipped laboratories having total of 100 systems all with P-IV processor of latest configurations and with all legal software required for the courses.

  • C Programming Lab
  • Java Programming Lab
  • DBMS Lab
  • COBOL Lab
  • UNIX Lab
  • Data Mining Lab
  • Webtechnologies Lab
  • UML Lab

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Email - HOD, Department of MCA