Congratulations to all the Students - 505 offers from 72 Campus Drives DBS BANK – 10L to 45 L || Juspay Technologies Pvt. Ltd. – 8L to 12L||Kony India Pvt .Ltd. – 7L || Chargebee – 6L || Osmosys Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - 6L ||Real Image Media Technologies Pvt. Ltd. – 6L to 10L || Volante Technologies - 3.10L to 4.0L||IN22Labs - 3.5 to 5.0L || Financial Software Systems Pvt.Ltd. - 4.5L || HITACHI CONSULTING CORPORATION - 4.25L ||Clean max energy enviro solutions ltd – 4L || West Line Ship Management Pvt.Ltd. – 18L || CGI – 3L ||Tech Mahindra,Pune - 3.25L ||NTT DATA Global Delivery Services Pvt.Ltd. - – 3L || Technovert Solutions - 3.4L ||Devdhara Constructions Pvt.Ltd. – 3L||Billion Tags - 3.6L ||Efftronics Systems Pvt.Ltd. - 3.6L || Nalsoft (P) Ltd. - 3.3L ||Larsen & Toubro Infotech - 3.1L ||GGK Technologies - 3.51L ||Windmoeller & Hoelscher India – 3L||Amazon - 3.6L & 2.7L||Virtusapolaris - 3.3L ||Veda IIT – 3L to 6L ||CtrlS datacenters Ltd. – 3L to 3.3L ||Hinduja Global Solutions - 2.8L ||CYIENT LIMITED - 2.75L||Vitech Systems Asia Pvt.Ltd. - 2.71L:1st year, 2nd year-3.21L || Indus Teqsite Pvt.Ltd. - 1st year - 1.8, 2nd year-2.64L, 3rd year - 3.84L||FIRMNXT - 2.28L to 2.56L ||Aptroid Technologies - 2.4L ||SLK Software Services Pvt. Ltd. - 2.4L||Sysveda Information Technology Pvt Ltd - 2.4L ||CODEHEX - 2.5L ||Xento Systems Pvt.Ltd. - 2.3L to 2.7L ||Biztime IT Solutions Pvt Ltd. – 2L ||Tech Mahindra,Bangalore - 2.22L ||WEBTROY- 2L|| MOLD-TEK Technologies Limited - 2.04L ||Hcl technologies - 2.5L ||Just Dial Ltd. - 2.7L ||eNoah iSolution India Pvt Ltd – 2L ||COLOR SOFTWARES- 2 L ||SUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICES - 1.85L to 2.40L ||Wipro Ltd.||Aparna Enterprises Ltd.||Xportsoft Technologies || Gencor Pacific Auto Engineering Pvt.Ltd.||Tech Mahindra,Chennai||Veta Industries(India) Pvt.Ltd.||Centum Electronics Ltd.||RAJSRIYA AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES PVT.LTD.||Domex Technical Information Pvt. Ltd.|| GEMINI COMMUNICATIONS||Amara Raja Batteries||ASK Automotive Pvt. Ltd.||Jay Ushin Limited||Aliens Group||Tikona Infinet Pvt. Ltd. ||BEREZIA TECHNOLOGY ||Mphasis ltd.||Raison Tech||Vee Technologies||Kotak Mahindra Bank||MAGUS DIALOG PVT.LTD. ||Jain Housing & Constructions Ltd.||DQ Entertainment International Limited||Indian Eagle||First Source
Swarnandhra Happy to announce that 72 companies visited for 2017 batch this year. 22 - core, 24 - software, 9 - product development, 2 banks,6 kpo,4 digital banking and 5- other companies

Faculty Participation


Work Shop

Year Organized By Participated /Paper Presented
National Workshop 27Sep-29Sep CSE DEPT,GITAM UNIVERSITY,VIZAG Advances in Software Engineering
National Conference 2010(3days) MCA Dept,Adikavi Nannayya University,Rajahmundry Role of Model Based Software testing in Delivering highly Reliable Systems
QIP-short term course 22Oct-23Oct 2010(2 days) IP Department,IIT-Kharagpur QIP-short term course on Software Project Management
Seminar 23-27 Feb 2011(5 days) PG Department,(CS) Siddartha Arts & Science College,Vijayawada Software Reliability
International Conference 6-Sep-11 CSE Dept,CR Reddy Engineering College,Eluru. International conference on Advances in Computers,Communications and Bio-Instrumentation Engineering.(ICACCBIE-2011)
International Journal (IJCST) vol-2,SP,Dec-2011 9-Dec-11 CSE Dept,CR Reddy Engineering College,Eluru Comparision of Software Reliability Growth Models by using Ada Boosting Algorithm
International Journal (IJCST) vol-2,SP1,Dec-2011.ISSN:0976-8491(Online) 9-Dec-11 CSE Dept,CR Reddy Engineering College,Eluru Colour Image Clustering using K-means
International Journal (IJCST) vol-2,SP1,Dec-2011.ISSN:0976-8491(Online)   CSE Dept,CR Reddy Engineering College,Eluru Edge Adaptive Image Steganography on LSB using  Gödel Numbering
International Journal (IJCST) vol-2,SP1,Dec-2011   CSE Dept,CR Reddy Engineering College,Eluru Large scale Peer-to-Peer live video streaming
Publication in International    Journal(IJSTR) vol-1,Issue-1,Feb-2012   Direct Publication in international Journal of Scientific&Technology Research Performance Analysis of Reliability Growth models using Supervised Learning Techniques.
International Journal of Advanced and Innovative Research(IJAIR)   ISSN-2278-7844   Volume#1,Issue 5,pp:273-276 Genetic Algorithm  Implementation for optimizing Test Cases in Randomized unit Testing
IJCST   ISSN:0976-8491 VOL-3,ISSUE-2,PP:1034-1039 Extended Approach using Genetic Algorithms for Randomized Unit Testing
IJCST 9-Dec-11 ISSN:2229-4333 vol-3,issue-2,PP:1083-1085 Structural Statistical Testing for Software Verification
IJSER   ISSN-2229-5518 VOL3,ISSUE-8 Similarity based Query Optimization on map reduce using Euler angle Oriented Approach
Dr M N Rao
International Journal Dec-10 C.I.T Journal Calmaty Management network for Swine Flu
International Conference 10-Jan-11 ICSCI-Pentagram Research Ltd,Hyderabad Web  Based Disaster Management System
International Journal Feb-11 I.U.P  Journal of System Management Spatial Knowledge to Identify Epedemic  using Informatica
International Conference Feb-12 ICSCI-Pentagram Research Ltd,Hyderabad Application of Edge Based Segmentation on Finger Print Images
International Conference Mar-12 GIET, Rajahmundry “Data Stream and its Applications”
International Conference Mar-12 GIET,Rajahmundry “Traffic Analysis using Spatial Data Mining”
International Conference Jul-12 ICCIT,Tirupati “T.Data Analysis using Spatial Data Mining”
International Journal Jan-13 IJITR,Vol1,issue:1 ISSN-23205547 “Spatial Data Mining for Disaster Management”
V.Ranjith Naik
National Aug-11 ICORACS Optimization Techniques for AAA systems in Mobile Networks
National Aug-11 ICJERT Novel  Pattern  Matching Algorithm for Single Pattern Matching
International Aug-12 IJERT(Vol 23) Transitional Pattern Mining for Data Streams of Sensor  Network
SDP 8  to 21 SCET, Narsapur Data Mining Techniques & Methodologies
K. Devi Prasanna
AICTE sponsered SDP in Data Mining 2009 SCET, Narsapur Data Mining tools
Guest Lectures 2012 SCET, Narsapur Software Testing methodologies
Campus Connect 2012 SCET, Narsapur DB Tool
Precision Informatica 2012 SCET, Narsapur OOP Concepts & practicals
International Conference 2012   Adaaptive learning for video Search Reranking
FDP program on SPSS Software by IBM 2012 SCET, Narsapur SPSS Software
AICTE sponsered SDP in Data Mining 2009 SCET, Narsapur Data Mining Tools
ICNEAC-2011, Intunation Paper Presentation 10-Jul-11 SCET, Narsapur Data Mining (Multimodel Fusion for Video Search Reranking)
Workshop 2011 SCET, Narsapur Smart Classroom
Workshop 2012 SCET, Narsapur Workshop on Information Technology
SDP 8-21 June 2009 SCET, Narsapur Data Mining Techniques & Methodologies
Workshop 24&25 Sep 2010 JNTUH,UGC,Hyderabad Virtualization & Cloud Computing
Faculty Enablement Program 21-25 Feb 2011 Infosys Technologies Limited Campus Connect Program
Journal /Paper 2010 IJCCT;Vol 2 no.1;2010 Effective Image Clustering with Dfferential Evoluation Technique
Journal /Paper 2011 IJCST Vol 2 Colour image Clustering using K-Means
Paper 2012 ICORACS Automatic Image Pixel Clustering using  Evoluationary Computation Techniques
K.Rajesh Kumar
Workshop 19-24 June  2006 NITTR,Chennai Instructional Design & Delivery
Workshop 3&4 Sep 2007 IBM Software Education OOAD using UML with Fundamentals Of Rational Rose
FDP 30 June to 1 July 2008 IBM Faculty Development Program
FDP 8-21 June 2009 SCET, Narsapur Data Mining Tools & Techniques
Workshop 17-Feb-09 Mission 10X Mission 10X  Workshop
International Conference(ICMOT-2009) 21-Feb-09 IBS ,Hyderabad Adhoc Networks
Workshop 26-Feb-10 SCET, Narsapur Latest Trends in Embedded Systems
International Conference 27-Feb-10 SCET, Narsapur Latest Trends in Embedded Systems
International Conference 17 & 18 Mar 2012 Andhra University Detection of Networks Intrusion using Boyre-Moore  and Data Mining Approach
International Conference 8-10 July 2011 SCET, Narsapur Nano Science Engineering & Advanced Computing
Workshop 28-Jan-12 Vignan University Outcome Based Engineering Education
International Conference on Recent Advances in Computer Science 30 &31 Mar 2012 GIET,Rajahmundry A New Data Mining Approach for Network Intrusion Detection System using Boyre-Moore  Algorithm
International Journal of Research in IJRCCT  Computer & Communication Technology Jan 1 2013 IJRCCT Secure Data Transfer in Cloud Storage Systems using Dynamic Tokens
RNV Jagan Mohan
Workshop 19-Jun-06 NITTR,Chennai Instructional Design & Delivery
Workshop 3-Sep-07 IBM Software Education OOAD using UML with Fundamentals Of Rational Rose
FDP 8-Jun-09 SCET, Narsapur Data Mining Tools & Techniques
Workshop 4-Feb-11 ISI Delhi International Workshop on SixSigma Learn Philosophy
Conference 7 & 8 Feb 2011 ISI,QCI,DRDO,ICPQROM,2011 Increasing  the Reliabilty of Angle Oriented Face Recognising using DCT
Conference,ACNCN 2012 AU,IEEE Efficient K-Means Cluster Reliability on Ternary Face  Recognition using Angle Oriented Approach
Journal of IISTE,Vol 2 2012 IISTE,USA Similarity of Inference on Face  Recognition using Angle Oriented Approach
Workshop 2011 IEEE,JNTU Kakinada Geo-Spatial Mining
Conference & Published in Journal  ICMSCE-2012 13&14 Sep 2012 Journal of Mathematical Science International Research   Journal Vol Fuzzy Cluster Index: An Angle Oriented Face  Recognition  using RSA
Workshop 22-Feb-13 International Seminar on Security and Software Engineering(SSE,13),DIET,Vishkapatnakm Security and Software Engineering
International Conference 7 to 9 Jan 2013 ISI Mumbai Optimized Interface on Fuzzy Angle Oriented Cluster using Bayes Conditional
International Conference 11 to 13 Jan 2013 Gowtham Budda University & Springer& Qshine,Noida Increasing  the Reliabilty of Fuzzy Angle Oriented Clusters using Peer-to-Peer
Journal Aug-12 IJSER,Vol 3, Issue 8,PageNo.2,Aug 2012 Similarity Based Query Optimization on Map Reduce using Euler Angle Oriented Approach
P.Vinod Babu
Workshop 28 & 29 Nov 2008 GMRI, Rajam Teaching Methodologies on C&DS,ITWS for Faculty
SDP 8 to 21 June 2009 SCET,Narsapur Data Mining Techniques & Methodologies
SDP 19-Sep-09 Pantech Solutions Pvt.Ltd,Hyderabad Embedded Systems-8051
Workshop 24 & 25 Sep 2010 JNTUH,UGC , hyderabad Virtualization and Cloud Computing
Workshop 29 & 30 oct 2010 Gudlavalleru Engineering College Mobile Computing
National Convention for Academics & Research 26 to 28 Dec 2010 Free Software Movement of India, and Hosted by Swecha at Mahindra Satyam Technology Center  Hyderabad National Convention for Academics & Research
Journal/Paper 2010 IJCCT Vol2,NO.1,2010 Effective Image Clustering with Differential Evolution Techniques
Conference/Paper 2011 ICMLC -2011 Functional Optimization with Adaptive Differential Evolution Techniques
Conference/Poster Presentation 2011 ICNEAC - 2011 Improved Performance of Peer-to-Peer Live Streaming using a Low delay Mesh
Conference/Paper 2011 ICACCBIE - 2011 Large Scale Peer-to-Peer Live Streaming
Conference/Paper 2012 IJERT - AUG2012 Vol-1,ISSUE 6 Extended Varied DBSCAN on Multiple Data Sources
Conference/Paper 2012 ICRACs - 2012 (march) “EVDBSCAN”
Conference/Paper 2012 FIC “Teaching Learning Based Optimized  Mathematical Model for Data Classification  Problems”
N.Tulasi Raju
National conference 2010 BVRIT,Hyderabad Fast Mining Algorithm for Association Rules
Journal June,2011 The Technology World Enhanced Text Categorization
International Journal 2012 IJERA Item set Mining using IMINE Index Support
Workshop Jan-12 Infosys Faculty Enablement Program
SDP 2009 SCET,Narsapur Data Mining Tools
Workshop 19-Jun-06 NITTR Instructional Design & Delivery
International Conference IEEANAC-2011 8-10 July 2011 SCET,Narsapur Nano Science Engineering & Advanced Computing
Journal Jul-12 IJCST Different types of Layouts in SQC to prepare Datasets & Reports
International Journal Jul-12 IJCST Top-K-key word Searching Skyline Sweeping & improved  functions
AICTE Sponsered SDP in Data Mining 2009 SCET,Narsapur DataMining Tools
Guest Lecture on Testing Tools 2012 SCET,Narsapur Software Testing tools
Workshop 2012 SCET,Narsapur DB Tools
UGC Workshop 2012 Y.N.College Capacity Building  of Women Managers
IBM Sponsered Faculty Development Program 2008 Y.N.College IBM Tools
Campus Connect 2012 SCET,Narsapur DataBase Tools
Informatica 2012 SCET,Narsapur OOP Concepts
International Conference on Recent Trends in CSE(ICRTCSE 2012) 2012 Apollo Engineering College,Kanchipuram An Efficient  Hierarchial Algorithm for Multiviewpoint Measures
Workshop 3 & 4 Sep 2007 SCET,Narsapur OOAD using UML with Fundamentals Of Rational Rose
SDP 8 to 21 June 2009 SCET,Narsapur Data Mining Tools & Techniques
Workshop 2009 Sri vasavi Engineering College Tadepalligudem WORK SHOP ON DB2
Workshop 26 & 27 Feb 2010 SCET,Narsapur Latest Trends in Embedded Systems
International Journal Aug-12 IJERT Actionable Knowledge Discovery using MSCAM
S.Uma Maheswara Rao
International Conference 30-Mar-12 GIET,Rajahmundry Data Stream Association Rule Mining  Based on Sliding Window Model
Journal Jul-12 IJCST of Computer Science & Technology Different Types of Layouts in SQL to prepare Datasets & reports
International Journal Jul-12 IJCST of Computer Science & Technology Top-K-key word Searching Skyline Sweeping & improved  functions
P.Ravi Kiran
MHRD_AICTE 11-15  June 2013 NIT Calicut Image Computing and Applications(ICA 2013)

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