Swarnandhra Happy to announce that 87 companies visited for 2018 batch this year. Product development companies-5 Core companies- 37 Software-23 Digital marketing-2 Banks-6 Animation companies-2 Healthcare domain- 3 Kpo-1 Technical Support-5 Others- 3

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2008-12 Batch

S No Regd. No. Name of the student Branch Name of  the Company
1 08A21A0529 S Harsha CSE Anu Solar Power
2 08A21A05A2 D SHYAM RANJITH                                              CSE Anu Solar Power
3 08A21A0596 K SAI KASYAP                                            CSE Anu Solar Power
4 08A21A0530 R Deepika CSE Anu Solar Power
5 08A21A1231 GODAVARTI VINAY IT Anu Solar Power
6 08A21A1238 K CHAITANYA SWAMY IT Anu Solar Power
7 08A21A1245 manda.manideep IT Anu Solar Power
8 08A21A05B8 S Krishna Chaitanya CSE Cybate Infotech
9 08A21A05B0 P Hanitha CSE Cybate Infotech
10 08A21A0581 K G Nageswara Rao CSE Cybate Infotech
11 08A21A0546 M Lakshmi Deepthi CSE Cybate Infotech
12 08A21A1263 Andey Ragini IT Hcl Tech.Support
13 08A21A05A6 Uma Teja Sagi CSE Infosys
14 08A21A0598 Sree Nagavalli Kakileti CSE Infosys
15 08A21A0576 Alekya Devata CSE Infosys
16 08A21A05A3 Geethika Siram CSE Infosys
17 08A21A0597 P Poorna Kalavakolanu CSE Infosys
18 08A21A0569 Anusha Kandala CSE Infosys
19 08A21A0511 Koteswara Rao Challa CSE Infosys
20 08A21A0527 G Vijaya Durga CSE Intergraph Consulting
21 08A21A0504 R Chanikyudu CSE Intergraph Consulting
22 08A21A0524 Rakurty Manjusha CSE Syntel
23 08A21A0510 K Sai Ram CSE Syntel
24 08A21A0528 Venkata Rao Bandi CSE Syntel
25 08A21A0579 Sai Krishna Vamsi M CSE Syntel
26 08A21A0523 M V Sataynarayana Rao CSE Syntel
27 08A21A0534 Sri Sai Sampath Kumar CSE Syntel
28 08A21A0571 K Sri Lakshmi Alekya CSE Syntel
29 08A21A0545 T Shanmukh Tata Reddy CSE Sasken
30 08A21A05A2 DEVATHA SHYAM RANJITH                                              CSE Paritas

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