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Civil Engineering


To be a premier technical department with teaching, research and consultancy that serves the society and strives continuously for excellence in education and research.


To provide quality education for successful career and higher studies in Civil Engineering that emphasizes academic and technical excellence in profession and research, effective communication, team work and leadership to meet the challenges of the society.

The Department of Civil Engineering was established in 2009 with an intake of 60 students. The department has been successful in producing the excellent and well-trained graduates. We have Eight members of teaching staff drawn from premium institutes throughout India out of whom Eight are Assistant Professors and eight are Assistant Professors. Three staff members are having more than five years experience. It is Mr. K. Siva, who has been leading the department in a successful path. It is one of the reputated departments of the college. The department constantly efforts to evolve different methods to impart value based education to develop creativity, innovative thinking and managerial skills of the students. The main aim of our department is to deliver students with rich set of skills in order to serve both society and industry. The Department offering Courses for Graduates in civil Engineering. The curriculum in B.Tech. degree covers core specializations of Structural Engineering, Hydraulics & Water Resources Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Surveying , Remote Sensing and G.I.S. Applications & Engineering Geology. The Department organizes guest lectures by eminent personalities and subject experts. The department has been meeting societal needs also like Designing Traffic Islands in Narsapuram town, Conducting traffic surveys in Seetharampuram etc. The department has well equipped laboratories in all areas. Many of our alumni hold prestigious positions in leading academic institutions, industry and government in different places of all over the Country. Teaching Learning Process is centered around imparting not only technical skills in the subject but also softskills so as to enable students to achieve holistic personality. Further, state-of-the-art laboratory and infrastructure facilities effectively aid teaching learning process.  

Short Term Goals

  • To encourage faculty of the department to attend Academic Conferences, Seminars, Summer & Winter Schools, and other training programs
  • To offer Research-oriented Projects for final year B-Tech students To emphasize on Soft Skills and Communication abilities of students
  • To provide continuous training and reorientation to the Faculty to keep up with the modern trends

Long Term Goals

  • To interact with industries and sign MOU’s for collaborative programmes To obtain live-projects from Industry
  • To improve infrastructure further for Consultancy work To conduct International, National Conferences and Short Term Courses (Winter & Summer) regularly To add advanced software in the Department over and above the Curriculum
  • To maintain the standards required by NBA and NAAC

Other strengths

Structural Quality Assurance System’ for ensuring continuous quality monitoring/ improving.

Technical support & career guidance by former students, well placed in covered positions in the country .

Teaching learning process includes case study based learning, model making, lab applications, field visits, active professional societies chapters, guest lectures by reputed personnel, subject matter experts etc.

Infrastructure Laboratories

The department has the following state-of-the-art laboratories

1. Strength of Materials

2. Concrete Technology

3. Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines

4. Geotechnical Engineering

5. Transportation Engineering

6. Surveying

7. Engineering Geology

8. RS & GIS

9. Environmental Engineering


Well maintained lush green lawns, long tree lined avenues, imposing buildings, spacious class rooms, artistically designed furniture, state of the art laboratories are available in this Civil Engineering Department to create the right ambience for carrying out academic activities.

Class Rooms and Laboratories:

The Civil Engineering Department has sufficient number of well-furnished, well-ventilated, spacious classrooms for conducting theory classes.

All laboratories are well equipped, and well maintained not only for carrying out curriculum-oriented lab practical but also to carry out research activities.


Number/ Location

Plinth area

Class Rooms

  1. IV civil - LH 26B

  2. III Civil - LH 21

  3. II Civil - LH 20




Drawing Hall

DH 35


Tutorial Class Room

LH 34


Departmental Library

DL 36


Staff Room

SF 37


Broad band connectivity / Wi – fi facility in the Department

50 Mbps leased line Broadband connectivity and Wi-Fi facility is provided in the Department

Email - HOD, Department of CIVIL