Title of the Practice

Employability Skills Enhancement Program- an innovative approach

Objectives of the Practice

The objective of this practice is to provide training to all branches of the students during pre-final year, semester break and final year to enhance employability skills.

The Context

After graduation, when students enter the engineering profession, in addition to domain knowledge, other skills and abilities such as communication skills, leadership, innovation, team building are very much required to become successful in their profession, which are not directly covered in the curriculum. To address this need a unique certificate course on employability skills enhancement and career building is designed which focuses on self awareness, professional skills and communications.

The Practice

The pre-final semester break course was implemented in 90 hours in three weeks continuously with make use of third party professional trainer. The course comprises of two parts, one is communication and personal effectiveness, whereas the second is aptitude and logical ability. These are constituted eleven and fourteen modules respectively.

The 60 hour course was conducted for the final year students of all the branches. Students are divided into five batches. In a week, each batch attends one session of two hours duration. Total 30 sessions are planned throughout the academic year for all batches. These sessions include as follows:

  • Verbal skills
  • Speaking/writing/reading skills
  • Basic reading comprehension skills
  • Effective active listening skills
  • Body language

At the end of the training Program, every student gets course completion certificate.

Evidence of Success

Assessment of the students is carried out at the end to understand the impact of the program which is conveyed to the students individually. Following generalized statements can be drawn on the basis of students’ feedback.

  • The course is observed to help students improve their skills such as individual report writing, creative and strategic thinking, etc.
  • There is a noticeable positive change in the overall personality of the students who have completed this course.
  • Mock interviews and group discussion sessions conducted under this program have resulted in positive feedback from the companies visiting the campus.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required

  • This program needs to be planned beyond the students’ regular academic engagements. Hence, it becomes challenging to identify free time-slots for large groups of students.
  • A separate faculty coordinator had to be assigned for the smooth conduction of the program.
  • The college has made an auditorium available for all the sessions and to all the batches.

Notes (Optional)