The Department of nanotechnology has a well-known Nano Research Centre established with the cost of Rs.61.46 lakhs. In entire Andhra Pradesh, this college is unique to have well equipped research laboratory with the clean room facility (class 10000) in a self-financing affiliated college. The Nanotechnology is so broad and universal, that they will influence every area of science and technology in the ways that are surely unpredictable. The established research infrastructure is a centralized facility to all the faculty and students. Faculties from various departments are actively involved in the ongoing interdisciplinary research projects. The department of nanotechnology has received research grants from UGC, AICTE, UGC-DAE, DST, DRDO and IACQER for the research projects.

 Nano Technology Report UGC-MRP (From Dec.2015-Dec.2018)

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Fume hood

nano lab